International Pencil Day!

Happy International Pencil Day!

As I’m sure many of my fellow stationery aficionados can attest, stationery related holidays may be silly and made up, but they are a fun way to use your favorite products and to spread a little love for stationery and nerd out with other people who “get it.”

I’m celebrating International Pencil Day by re-reading my favorite pencil magazine Plumbago, a print companion to the awesome Erasable Podcast. And if you look on page 40, you might even see a familiar name…


You can still purchase the latest issue here!

I’ve been using pencils all week, so I thought I’d share the pencils that I had in my pencil pouch this morning.


Quite a few from my Top 5 Pencils list appear here… with clear evidence of my favoritism. The pencils here from top to bottom: Blackwing 602, Craft Design Technology HB, Caran d’Ache Swiss Wood (I got this color in a set from a gift, but I usually use the darker one), Blackwing 16.2, Camel HB, Papier Tigre, and the most recent addition Blackwing 54.

How are you celebrating International Pencil Days? What graphite goodies do you have in your pencil case?

And just for fun… my favorite pencil related quote from my favorite movie of all time.


Happy pencil-ing!