Hello and welcome to The Notebook Spiral.

Established in 2018 by notebook, pencil, pen, and letter writing enthusiast Zoe (me), this blog is dedicated to the wonder of writing (or drawing, doodling, or otherwise making your mark) with analogue artifacts.

I operate this site with a few main goals in mind. First and foremost, it is a place for those who just love stationery to enthuse about beautiful artifacts and ponder not only what we use, by why and how we use them. Second, it is a place to connect. Leave a comment or reach out on social media with any suggestions for posts, questions, or tips and tricks. Tell me your stationery stories! Stationery friends are the best friends. Finally, this is a bit of a selfish goal, but it is a place for me to stretch my creative muscles by writing about something I love.

By day, I work with spreadsheets, drink copious amounts of coffee and black tea, and listen to a lot of ‘90s music. My desk is littered with sticky notes covered in doodles, books to read, and funny things my coworkers say. At home I have drawers and shelves and a desk full of notebooks, pens, and pencils.

I am always open to guest posts, featuring other stationery bloggers, and product reviews. Feel free to get in contacts using any of the methods listed here.

Have a lovely day, and thank you for reading.

a note on the name: When I decided to try and blog about stationery, I had a difficult time thinking of a name that I liked. One of my dearest friends suggested, “The Notebook Spiral” as a name for a podcast or something, but I liked it so much I decided to use it for this blog. Thank you for your inspiration and support, my dear Aric.