Planner Setup: Hobonichi, Traveler’s Company, Pocket Notebook

Over the years, I’ve changed my planning system and the analogue tools I use to keep track of my schedule many times, but the basic way I use my analogue system does not change. I am primarily a list-maker, as my day to day schedule does not change very often, so all of my tools are designed to be used to support my way of planning. While imperfect, my planning system is comprised of three main products: a pocket notebook (usually Field Notes, but also Write Notepads), an A6 Hobonichi Techo, and a Traveler’s Notebook by Traveler’s Company.

Traveler’s Notebook by Traveler’s Company

Out of the three main systems I use, this is the one I’ve used the longest. I am partial to the horizontal weekly layout in the regular size, as it has the week on one page and a blank page for notes on the facing page. I love having my week laid out in a simple format that lends itself to list making, and space on the opposite page for a running to-do list. Sometimes I decorate, add quotes, or put stickers on the page, but lately I’ve been keeping my layout simple and easy to reference on the go.

I also have a monthly insert that I use for just future planning, so it sees a lot less use than my weekly inserts.

In the back of this notebook I keep a blank insert for quote collecting, doodles, pen testing, and random notes.

My planner currently lives in my blue Traveler’s Notebook by Traveler’s Company, but there are so many beautiful notebooks out there that you can use! I bought mine here.

Hobonichi Techo

I intended to use the Hobonichi Techo as a memory keeping journal this year, but when I started using it I found that I liked keeping my daily to do lists in it. I reference this book the most by far during the day, and the A6 size is perfect for carrying with me every day. I don’t really decorate in my Hobonichi, but occasionally adding in some lettering or a bit of journaling or notes is enough for me.

I bought my Hobonichi here.

Pocket Notebook

I started keeping a pocket notebook in the back of my Hobonichi Techo in March, and I love just having a small book that I can use for notes and random lists that may not fit anywhere else. As someone who used a Bullet Journal for a very long time, the idea of keeping collections and trackers in my planner was one thing I couldn’t give up, and keeping them in the pocket notebook tucked into the back of my Hobonichi is the best way I’ve found to keep everything I need to reference at any time in one place.

My favorite pocket notebooks are Field Notes and Write Notepads. The one in my pictures is the most recent release from Write Notepads, “Sakura.”

While I may have three elements that make up my planning system, the actual planning part is very simple. I need to have a place for lists – tasks, ideas, and notes – and these three pieces make that possible. Simple, functional, and enjoyable – the perfect recipe for an efficient planning system!

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