Top Five Tuesday: Pencils

Happy Tuesday! Since Friday this week is International Pencil Day, I thought I would start off my “Top Five Tuesday” series with one of my most recent stationery obsessions: The pencil. As you can see, my taste in pencils is pretty simple: I like aesthetically pleasing pencils, firm cores, and high quality pencils. All of these pencils are available at my favorite pencil retailer CW Pencil Enterprise, but I always recommend checking out your local art supply or stationery shop.

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My favorites are listed in no particular order, they are just the pencils that I find I enjoy the most and I reach for time and time again, especially when I’m not sure which one to use.

Blackwing 602

This pencil is probably the most iconic pencil on this list, due to its unique ferrule and as the pencil of choice for many prominent writers and artists. I personally love the core of this pencil – it’s firm enough that I don’t need to sharpen it if I write for long periods of time.


MD Paper Products 

This pencil is a little softer than what I usually go for, and I love using it on paper that’s toothier and produces a little more feedback and texture. Plus the off white color and minimal printing just makes it so lovely to look at and use.


Viking Element 1

I originally bought this pencil because it was made by Viking, and I find Vikings (the historical group of people) fascinating, and a matte black HB pencil seemed like a pretty basic pencil that would be great for work or using in my planner. I was definitely not wrong.


Craft Design Technology HB

I bought a three pack of these pencils a couple years ago in Japan, before I even used pencils for fun. There was something so appealing about these pencils – the color, the eraser without a ferrule, the simplicity – that I bought them and used them all up. They have become a go to for me for sketching or for writing, and I always have at least one in my pencil case.


Caran D’Ache Swiss Wood HB

This pencil is the most expensive of all the pencils on this list, but I find that it writes so smoothly, sharpens so nicely, and it an overall pleasure to use. The diameter is a little larger than most pencils, but not quite as large as a jumbo pencil, so it feels substantial to use without being a remarkable difference from other pencils.


There it is! My first Top Five Tuesday, all about pencils. Happy pencil sharpening! What are your favorite pencils to use?

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