Letter Writing Supplies

For those of us who love stationery and writing, challenges and holidays related to our passions are especially exciting. A day to celebrate fountain pens, pencils, or just handwriting in general? Sign me up!

For the letter writers among us, February is a special month called InCoWriMo (International Correspondence Writing Month, an obvious nod to November’s NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month). The goal of InCoWriMo is to write a letter, note, postcard, etc. and deliver it (or mail it) every day for the month of February. That means 28 letters, notes, or cards. The InCoWriMo website states, “a handwritten letter every day.” This was my second year participating in InCoWriMo and I wrote 28 letters and notes. I wrote over 30 letters last year while I was living in France.

If you missed out on the wonder that is InCoWriMo, you will be happy to know that April is also considered a National Letter Writing month! The Letter Writers Alliance wrote about April letter writing month back in 2014, but the point still holds true: Writing letters is something you can do at any time and with any supplies!

Of course, to write a letter you need a recipient. The best recipients are the people you know and love, like a family member, dear friend, or a co-worker. It can be just as simple as an encouraging note left on a desk, or sending a long letter to someone in need. If you’d like to participate but need a place to start finding recipients, the Goulet Pens Blog has a wonderful list and ideas for people to write letters to.

For this year, these are my letter writing essentials:

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  • A pad of letter paper. My choice for this round has been this Life Airmail pad of paper from Jet Pens, which is slightly translucent and holds fountain pen ink really well.
  • Envelopes, both handmade and bought. Here is a really excellent tutorial on how to make your own envelopes: DIY Scrapbook Paper Envelopes
  • Postcards and notes for writing shorter letters.
  • A pen or pencil. I love using fountain pens in my daily life, and especially for writing letters. You can find a Lamy Safari from any number of retailers, but I got mine from Goulet Pens.
  • Washi tape to decorate your envelopes or letter paper (if you so choose).
  • Tea. I am a firm believer that a letter reading and writing session should always be accompanied by a good cup of tea, so I send a bag with pretty much all my letters. This Numi tea was sent to me by one of my penpals.
  • Stamps, for sending letters through the mail. I’m obsessed with these stamps (available on the USPS website or at your local post office) designed by Anna Rifle Bond of the Rifle Paper Co. If you are sending letters from the USA to another country, you will need to either use multiple stamps or purchase International Forever stamps. To see current US postage rates, click here.

I would love to know what supplies you like to use in your own letter writing journeys! Show me in the comments or on social media. Happy letter writing!

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